If you could be anything you wanted to be, what would it be? When we ask ourselves this question, often the answer is, unfortunately, not our current job. But what if your employer allowed you the freedom to choose and even accelerated this career change? At DCMN, this path is not so uncommon, so we decided to speak to three people who did exactly that. Instead of job-hopping, with open communication and a little help from their new teams, they switched career paths internally to find a better fit for them within the company. Here’s how they did it:

How long have you worked at DCMN and what was your first role? 

4 years, exactly! I started working at DCMN in September 2017 and I focused on setting up the insights team and capabilities. 

From insights to client operations, could you tell us a bit about how your role has changed in the last four years? 

After working in market research for over ten years, I went from an insights expert to a  generalist, as this allows me to deal with a number of different topics and challenges. My current role gives me a holistic perspective of who we are, what we do and how we’d like to grow. 

My current role as the Director of Client Operations mainly relies on working with the different client-facing teams in Berlin and our international offices, including Insights, Creation and production, and Brand Strategy. A big part of the role is working with different client-facing team leads on a strategic level – help them make the right strategic choices that help them and our organisation grow in a sound manner. My team is the helping hand as well as the sparring partner for any challenges or issues that might come their way. 

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