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Let us guess... are you in search of future-proof, leading-edge AI solutions? Then you are in just the right place. No matter your scope, we tailor-make our software to all your wants and needs. You can count on our solutions to optimize and grow your budding business in ways only we can do it.



Here at AISC, we are using AI to discover new ways of doing things. An example of this is creating interactive activities for kids. Our goal? Healthy motion made fun! We loved this concept so much that we made it into an app. MoveBook is crafted to stimulate children’s imaginations and foster their activeness. The secret sauce to doing this is combining elements of typical radio play and interactive activities embedded in stories. The app serves as a guide for kids as they perform. Its technology also has the ability to review their performance through analyzing movements, detecting mistakes, and counting repetitions. Want to know more? Check out the full story here:


Our AISC Engine is an intricate system that creates 2D and 3D poses from images of people given any camera or video stream. These images are processed using artificial intelligence to detect human shape, action, and motion. Our software is optimized for low latency, high accuracy, and multi-person or objects recognition. We can recognize time-varying image flows of any complexity and draw conclusions from our image flow analysis.


Our mission is to help you get a step ahead when it comes to online performance advertising. Our system generates and optimizes your ads and campaigns in real time. Finding that sweet spot between volume and costs to achieve the highest profitability possible is what we are here to help you do. With turnkey solutions, you can sit back and watch your performance flourish. Just one click from your end, and we handle the rest. All you have to do is set the conditions you are willing to pay for CPA, CPO, or CPL. Yep, it really is that easy.

AI Context

Context-awareness is key when it comes to our system seeing in the same way that we humans do. That is why we have developed the AISC BrainMachine, which has the power to understand millions of complex dialogs. Classifying whatever text may come our way in no time is made possible by our lighthouse project, “cookie manager.” Our dedication to serving each of our customers equally, no matter what pocket of the world they come from, shines through these softwares. You can find the full story of its development under!


The AI industry is booming these days, and it looks like slowing down is just not in the cards. Hundreds of cases ranging from production, warehouse, logistics optimization, quality inspection, and even fleet management prove that AI-based solutions work time and time again. Not only are they functional, but they are becoming more affordable, which aids in their rapid uptaking. Look no further than AISC for some of the most powerful, efficient, manageable, and locally deployable solutions in today’s marketplace and tomorrow’s.



Christoph Urban

Marketing Director GSA at DEEZER

DCMN with their industry experience and data-driven approach to media has been the perfect marketing partner for a digital brand like ours. They are a partner that is not shy to share their honest opinion if your gut feeling is off. And while most agencies will tell you they can shift gears as fast & flexibly as you need, DCMN is one that actually can.

Jonathan Feinmesser

CFO at Sportpursuit

DCMN was the perfect partner for SportPursuit as we pushed into the German market and ran our first major campaign outside of the UK. Their international expertise and data-led approach meant we felt in safe hands as we tested TV in Germany for the first time.

Manan Shah

Director of Marketing at Truecaller

When DCMN pitched for our project, it honestly felt like a breath of fresh air to us at Truecaller. Given their high ethical standards and innovative and in-depth analytics capabilities, which was at the core of everything they did for our campaign, we were extremely happy with the work they did for us, which got us the best solutions for our campaign.




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